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What We Do?

We are your all-round information technology service provider, we can repair, upgrade and configure your computer or laptop. Also, we offer other services such as new computer sales. We generally serve residential customers, but we can help the business clients out with their networks and computers.

We do all out work from either in-store or remote desktop connection mainly. For some jobs, it requires us to be on site. Call us for a free quote at (716) 952-4713 or schedule online an in-store repair appointment. We do all repairs by appointments now. This assures you will be dealt with one of our technicians one-on-one with limited to no distractions.

Our Services We Offer You!

    • Virus Removal

      Computer Upgrades

      Laptop Repairs

      Laptop Screen Repairs

      Hard Drive and Data Back Up

      Software Repairs and Operating System Installations

      Remote Desktop Support

      Custom Built Computers For Less Starting at $300

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